“Even before I went into labor, we were very impressed with her knowledge of childbirth and her passion and enthusiasm for her job. Once I did go into labor she was there to encourage us an ease our fears. Her positive attitude and excitement were contagious! I truly don’t know if I would have achieved the natural birth I wanted with out her support.” - Jessica

“I know for a fact that if we did not have Marisa there for us, things would have been much worse. My husband and I were so grateful to have someone there for us through the entire birth process. Having tried everything and then ending up in a c-section was heartbreaking for me. She made me realize that I hadn't failed at giving birth, I had succeeded in creating a beautiful little boy. I have to say, that if she had not been there to reassure me that we had tried everything... I'm sure my time at home after the c-section would have been much different.” -Alexis

“It was our first child and we were educated about what to expect, but no matter how much you read it never really prepares you for the experience. Marisa was able to help us get over that inital fear. She was also able to help me through a long and tiring labor. She stayed up with me all night and was a trooper! I really needed that support from both her and my husband during the wee hours of the morning.” -Katy

“I was surprised by the calm Marisa created for me while I was actively pushing and the confidence she gave me as a new mom. Her calm bedside manners was a blessing during what could have been a very stressful event. Instead it was a natural beautiful miracle! She will always have a piece of of my heart.” -Jonna

“I was a bit afraid because it was my first baby. Marisa had knowledge about the things that were to come and made me very comfortable.” -Crystal

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