Tuesday, May 10, 2011

God's Amazing Timing

Blake and I had the great joy of meeting some of our best friends in Myrtle Beach for a conference. I was so looking forward to the time away with them and just KNEW my client/friend/prayerful back up doula one day was going to have her 6th baby before I left! Well, that did not happen. I tried to pull some strings to get her into the Dr. before I left so she would have the baby and I could leave stress free, but didn't happen. NOT GOD'S TIMING! I could NOT believe I was on my way home and there was still no baby! We texted on the way home and I pleaded with her to hang in there a little bit longer. She did, but not a minute later! I got home around 11pm and her water broke at 11:30! It was on! Her labor was short and sweet, so short that the Dr. didn't even make it! It was a great testimony of God's perfect timing and there is nothing I can do to change His plans! What a beautiful baby boy he was with the blondest hair I have seen in awhile. What joy!

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