Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adding Anna Carson

I love how God's timing is perfect. I know that every client he puts in my path is there for a reason and if there is a bit of time off, there is a reason as well. I have been "off" for a month and a half and boy has He kept me busy! Last year we felt God moving in our hearts to adopt a little girl and it is coming to fruition. We started the paperwork in January and yesterday we were assigned our caseworker to come do our home study! This will mean sooner rather than later, we will be a waiting family. We will be adopting domestically and that will most likely mean we will have a forever relationship with our daughter's birth mom. I am so excited to have this special relationship with an amazing women that has chosen life for her child and for our daughter to know her birth mom. The boys are so excited (especially Rylen!) to have a sister. We moved them in together this week so they now officially share a room. They love it, but my nerves are torn, they just want to stay up and talk for hours. We are so blessed our boys love each other so much, we just need them to learn to go to sleep in the same room! We would appreciate your prayers as we make this journey to bring Anna Carson home.


  1. You will come to find out that this will bring your boy's closer by sharing a room. Me and my sister shared for 16 years and we talk about those time often. I encourage you. In the end it will be so worth it! Congrats on walking out God's plan!

  2. I shared a BED with my sister when my mom was her poorest...and my two girls share a room right now. They want to stay up and talk, and to an extent I encourage it. I have some tips, if you're interested: I send them to bed 20 minutes earlier and let them sit in the same bed and read together - once the designated timeframe is up, they know they have to be quiet or they'll have that time taken away from them. I also have radio theater or books on cd that the girls are allowed to fall asleep to. That seems to keep them from talking to each other. And, eventually, the "newness" of sleeping in the same room will wear off and they'll settle down more easily. Even when my sister and I did finally get our own rooms, we'd often choose to spend the night in ea other's room...even in high school...I treasure those memories...


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