Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Summer Babies

All my sweet summer babies are here and I had a wonderful and unique experience working with each of these families. I stay in awe of having a job I love so much and brings me so much joy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anna Carson

I can't believe how long it has been since I have posted about the amazing births I have been able to attend....

Between the intensity of the adoption process and wanting to spend time with the boys while they are home for the summer, time has passed quickly. I decided to only take one client a month for the summer and it has been good for us as a family for me to take a break. I will get permission SOON to post a few pictures of the precious babies and their birth stories.

Please be in prayer for Anna Carson and her birth family. I long for the day we will be with her. It is amazing to long and miss someone you have never met. We all love her so much and feel something is missing in our family.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Blessing

When I was contacted by my sweet, amazing prior client and military wife about driving to Jacksonville to attend the birth of their son, I was so overwhelmed. It was not going to be a short distance to drive and where they live, they could have found many other doulas to do the job. Since I have moved from Wilmington and most all of my clients were there, I have not been able to attend second births of these women. This was going to be a first! Last week when she called to tell me she went to the Dr. was was 4 cm and 80% effaced, I panicked I was not going to be able to get there in time for it to be worth their money to hire me. After giving her the option of backing out of the deal, she said no. She would rather have me there for a short time than not at all. Wow, that was a humbling moment for me. I love this couple for many reasons, so it was a joy to be there for their son's birth. I ended up getting there in plenty of time and everything worked out beautifully. It was one of the most meaningful Mother's Days I have ever had. God has been so great to me that so many of my clients become my friends. She sure is one I pray will be a life long friend!

God's Amazing Timing

Blake and I had the great joy of meeting some of our best friends in Myrtle Beach for a conference. I was so looking forward to the time away with them and just KNEW my client/friend/prayerful back up doula one day was going to have her 6th baby before I left! Well, that did not happen. I tried to pull some strings to get her into the Dr. before I left so she would have the baby and I could leave stress free, but didn't happen. NOT GOD'S TIMING! I could NOT believe I was on my way home and there was still no baby! We texted on the way home and I pleaded with her to hang in there a little bit longer. She did, but not a minute later! I got home around 11pm and her water broke at 11:30! It was on! Her labor was short and sweet, so short that the Dr. didn't even make it! It was a great testimony of God's perfect timing and there is nothing I can do to change His plans! What a beautiful baby boy he was with the blondest hair I have seen in awhile. What joy!


I had the greatest time working with this couple. She is feisty and knows what she wants! Maybe I love her because she is a lot like me?? The memories and laughs I have from this birth will last a lifetime. I had the great joy of teaching them in childbirth class. She works for DSS in adoptions and was so supportive of our call to adopt.

She certainly has my number one spot in squatting during labor! When I questioned her about it, she said she was a softball catcher!

I also was delighted to work with a nurse whose daughter is Coleston's dear friend. (He would say it is his girlfriend!) We had the best time working together and made such a great team to help her accomplish the birth she desired.

Military Mommy

I always find it a special privilege to work with Military families. It is a very small way I feel I can serve those that serve our country. This sweet couple had just a few weeks together after he came home from deployment to prepare together for the birth of their daughter. This client had hired me before we had chosen our adoption agency and I found out we were going to HAVE to be out of town the day before she was due. I was stressed about the timing and did a lot of praying. I am most of the time disappointed in my faith that everything will work out. I have NEVER been "let down" by God's timing, so why do I always worry?? Needless to say, I made it home in plenty of time for the birth. It was a joyful day with some obstacles to overcome, but she did it and had an amazingly beautiful baby girl! I love the picture of grandma meeting her granddaughter for the first time!

This is also the first time I have seen a "gownie". It is a sassy birthing gown you can buy online! I am sure I will have to get one for Anna Carson's birth mom!

Baby Blessings

It has been a MONTH since I have last shared the sweet mommas I have had the privilege of working with during the birth of their babies. I have been so blessed to be working a lot and also to be in the middle of our home study for the adoption of our OWN baby girl! Again this month, the big theme of my personal life coinciding with these births has been God's timing. I have been able to attend every birth and to not miss any of the big events we have had to attend due to the adoption. We also were able to get away for a few days and that was a true blessing! Many blessings and I am looking forward to continuing this busy baby season!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Romans 8:28

"And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose for them." Romans 8:28 Before we decided which agency we were going to use for our adoption, I had a client hire me for her April 10th due date. I was very excited to take on this couple in a different location and different family circumstances. I do always trust my clients are hand picked from the Lord and there is a reason they chose me. We found out that our agency requires you to go to two trainings that are offered twice a year. Fairly non-negotiable to be there. Of course, I panicked because I have never had to come back on a client and give her "conditions" other than what I told them from the beginning. My client was so gracious to understand our circumstances and know that if she went into labor while I was in Charlotte, I would immediately come home. Of course, I was a ball of stress last week knowing this possibility and wanting to fulfill my commitments to her and the adoption. It was a good praying week to say the least! This morning though, it is a good praising time that "God worked ALL things out." I am home from training, rested and ready to meet two sweet baby girls this week. I actually have two clients due today! What a blessed woman I am to have a "job" that includes being a part of the miracle of BIRTH!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adding Anna Carson

I love how God's timing is perfect. I know that every client he puts in my path is there for a reason and if there is a bit of time off, there is a reason as well. I have been "off" for a month and a half and boy has He kept me busy! Last year we felt God moving in our hearts to adopt a little girl and it is coming to fruition. We started the paperwork in January and yesterday we were assigned our caseworker to come do our home study! This will mean sooner rather than later, we will be a waiting family. We will be adopting domestically and that will most likely mean we will have a forever relationship with our daughter's birth mom. I am so excited to have this special relationship with an amazing women that has chosen life for her child and for our daughter to know her birth mom. The boys are so excited (especially Rylen!) to have a sister. We moved them in together this week so they now officially share a room. They love it, but my nerves are torn, they just want to stay up and talk for hours. We are so blessed our boys love each other so much, we just need them to learn to go to sleep in the same room! We would appreciate your prayers as we make this journey to bring Anna Carson home.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Charm Magazine

I am very thankful and excited to be featured in the Rocky Mount Telegram's Charm magazine. I hope that you find this story to be informative and encouraging!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Go get dressed!

We had a small childcare issue last week when it was my night to have our baby reunion. Blake had a funeral and we didn't have a sitter. We decided to divide and conquer. I took Rylen with me to my reunion and Coleston went to the funeral. I was hurrying around and told Ry to go get dressed up since he had to go with me. I was ready to walk out the door and he was on the couch with a t-shirt on. I started to get frustrated until I saw what t-shirt he had on. He found his "my mommy is a doula shirt" and had it on! I totally forgot about him having that shirt.

Needless to say, he had the very best time and is determined to come to EVERY baby reunion I have from now on!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Due Date!

Only 7% of women actually deliver on their due date, so when my client called the afternoon prior to her due date, I knew that this baby would be born on his actual estimated day of arrival!

It was not the easiest of births but my client was an amazing trooper and after 25 hours had a sweet baby boy! Speaking of troopers, this dad did such an awesome job staying right with his wife and being attentive to her needs and very encouraging. I can't stress what a long way that goes in helping women during labor. Birth is very mental and emotional and when we do our part as the support team, it can really make a huge impact on the mom. So congratulations to my first client of 2011. I am looking forward to a great year with many blessings in store!

Monday, January 3, 2011

15 in 2010

What a blessing 2010 was for me as a doula! I was blessed to attend 15 births and teach several hundred Childbirth Education patients! God has done many wonderful things to bless my business in 2010. This was my first year really up and going since we moved from the Wilmington area. I have to say that leaving behind a blessed business in Wilmington was one of the hardest things I have had to give up. It was a real trust issue that the Lord would use me again in the new area he called our family. He really showed off this year and I give HIM the glory. There are many people to thank and I hope I have been able to show my gratitude to each of them!
I look forward to God's plans for my ministry in 2011 and trust it will be another amazing year!

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