Sunday, December 12, 2010

You silly girl

Last week was one of my most stressful weeks I have had as a doula. It all seemed like it was going to "come down" at the same time. Client A was due on Dec. 4th, Client B on Dec. 15th (but had complications that would bring about a baby a week early) and I had a weekend class to teach at the office. Since I truly love my job and wholeheartedly commit myself to these women and teaching, I was a wreck thinking that someone was going to be let down. I prayed and prayed last week and about had a meltdown when they both got their membranes stripped on the same day! I was praying so hard and felt like God was saying, "you silly girl! It is all in MY timing!"
I had sweet friends praying I would be at peace with what happened and I am so thankful to be on the other side of this "crazy" weekend. I had a precious and peaceful birth Friday night, taught a great group of women and partners on Saturday and Sunday and now I am anxiously awaiting the call from Client A that it is time! Blake and the boys gathered around me when I got home tonight to pray and thank God for working everything out and allowing me to be at both births and fulfill an awesome job of teaching childbirth education. To God be the Glory!

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