Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brestfeeding Group

We will be having a breastfeeding support group meeting this Tuesday, November 16th. This group will be targeting women interested in nursing, currently nursing or women who have successfully nursed a child and want to encourage other women.
I am looking forward to meeting a need in the community and supporting women who desire to breastfeed.
My personal breastfeeding story is one of many hurdles and challenges. The end of the story was success, but I wonder if I had a group to participate in and encourage me, if it could have been easier.
There is a facebook page regarding this group, times and locations if you would like more information!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mind Over Matter

After 24 long hours of "pre-labor" we were told that there was no cervical change and it could be weeks before the big day arrived. Discouraging news was an understatement.

She called back 24 hours later and was having more contractions again with some other signs that this was the real thing. She headed to the hospital, where I joined her later that morning. She was finally in labor! We did a lot of walking, rocking and sitting on the birth ball and 15 hours later she was the proud mom of a healthy baby boy. The total labor lasted 39 hours with out any pain medications. She was so proud of herself and I couldn't have been happier to be apart of her birth story. A loving and supportive dad, great medical staff and a doula made her dream a reality!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I love my long johns!

After completing my first birth, I quickly realized these laboring moms get HOT and I am very cold natured. I started putting a long sleeve shirt under my work shirt and thought that was the answer.

Lately, these precious women have been freezing me out and I pulled out my new secret weapon to handling their crazy body temperatures.... long johns! Sounds so silly to be blogging about it, but during my birth yesterday (which was amazing) I just couldn't contain my excitement about not freezing my rear end off! So come July when I am headed to the hospital, you can believe I will have my long johns on!

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