Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rocket Momma

Sometimes I have to wonder if statistics are right because I found myself with my 3rd client in a row calling to tell me her water broke and she was only 1 cm. I thought only 10% of women's water broke to initiate labor! My parents were in town for the weekend so the great part was having built in childcare since it was a Sunday and that is a busy day for a preacher!

Her doctor allowed her to stay home and see if the contractions started on their own. That was music to my ears! The contractions started and continued to get stronger. After church I ran home, ate lunch and told the boys I would see them in the morning (or at least I hoped I would see them before school).

After getting to the hospital, things were certainly in full motion and she worked hard with the labor. A short time later she was checked and she was 8 cm! I thought I might fall on the floor I was so excited she was progressing so fast. Of course, this labor scenario is any woman's dream! She got her second wind and had that baby in no time flat. I was so excited to see her fulfill her desire to have an unmedicated birth and have a beautiful and BIG baby girl!

I didn't even miss a meal......


  1. To God be the glory! My biggest baby was my easiest, most enjoyable labor. Congratulations to the new family!!!!!

  2. My wife rocks.
    - BD


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