Monday, October 18, 2010


Statistics tell us that only 10% of women's water breaks to initiate labor. That has always surprised me considering how the media portrays where a women is going to be when her water breaks.
I had my first client in 5 years to have her water break at work. I assured her she was the talk of the office and gave her co-workers the most exciting Friday they have had in awhile!
There were several firsts for me at this birth. I love that because it keeps me humble and teaches me every time I get to be a part of a miracle. One first was getting to be a part of a father praying for his daughter during labor. It was a short prayer, but oh so sweet. Also, this was the first time I had worked with a client whose sister was a L & D nurse and attended the birth as well. It was so neat to see her love on her sister and be such an awesome support to her.
We had a long night and some obstacles to overcome, but boy was I proud of another precious women enter the joy (and hard times) of becoming a mother.

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