Monday, September 27, 2010


I used a new teaching tool with my last class that was so funny and hopefully a little educational! At the last minute I decided to use the dads as my volunteers. I think that is what sealed the deal. They each had a "uterus" and a "baby" inside. They had to use different types of "contractions" to birth their babies. Some pushed too hard, another took a long time to "give birth" while a few others were very "natural" labors.

I thought this was a great lesson on how different each of these women's labors are going to be. No two labors are alike, not even with that same woman. I am a perfect example of that.

On a side note, 5 of the 13 women in this series have hired me as their doula. I feel so insanely blessed to have the opportunity to serve 5 more families as they enter this amazing journey of parenthood! I can only thank God for the opportunity!

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