Monday, May 31, 2010

I'll never be able to figure it out.....

I decided to take on two clients in the month of April that were due 3 days apart. For a doula with no back up, that is like playing with fire. The second client just had to know if I was with the first client, I would be unable to attend her birth. My "3rd client" and one of my best friends was due June 13th, but we actually thought it would be more around June 17th (my tenth anniversary!!). Well as of right now, my "2nd client" had her baby weeks ago, my "1st client" is a week overdue and going to be induced in the morning and my "3rd client" is in early labor RIGHT NOW! I would have never thought the "competition" would have been between my "1st" and "3rd" clients! I have long ago realized I can't figure out when women will go into labor and just when I think I do, I am wrong. So I am sitting at home right now, not with either one of them and wondering how in the world this is all going to play out. To be continued.....

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