Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's just promise I am a better doula

I truly had no idea how difficult and time consuming it would be to buy a domain, get it registered, switch the user, point the website and whatever else I had to do to get this thing up and going! I could have never done it with out Crystal Butler. She has helped me so much with all the logo, website, etc. She has such an eye for things. Crystal is a photographer ( and is just so talented!
I am overjoyed to get this thing off the ground in Nash County. When I started my doula career in Wilmington several years ago, it took off and I never had to do any marketing type things. But here the term "doula" is not as common, so I am having to do lots of education to teach women about what a doula does and how I can benefit them in one of the biggest life events a woman will ever have. I got a new shirt today that has the definition of doula on it, so watch out Nash County, I am a new walking bilboard for doulas!

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