Monday, April 12, 2010

"Let's have a breastfeeding party."

So here's one hazard of being a doula. The things my little guys say. For instance, my 5 year old Rylen will point-blank ask you if you had your baby by way of a "birth canal or scissors?" I know - my husband and I have already started his therapy fund.

Rylen is a lover of all kinds of parties. Every thing is a reason for a party. The other day, I received some of my new marketing materials. I guess this was a reason for a party. "Let's have a breastfeeding party!" he exclaimed. "We can have breastfeeding pudding and breastfeeding strawberries and breastfeeding cookies..." Every. Other. Word. "Breastfeeding."

The next day, Ry found a Breastfeeding Positions poster I had stored under the couch. He took one look at it and was completely flummoxed. "Why is that baby on the mommy's chest?!" Like I said, we're saving for therapy.

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