Thursday, April 29, 2010

The birth I missed

If any of you have interviewed me as a potential doula, I have told you I've never missed a birth. But that isn't entirely true, I missed my my BEST friends birth. For nine months we planned and plotted how to get me to South Carolina to attend her birth. You see, birth is one of my favorite things and obviously she is too, so this was a birth not to be missed. Her pregnancy was a longer nine months than my own pregnancies. She suffers from degenerative disc disease and has four herniated discs so pregnancy was pretty much miserable. When time came for the baby to be induced, we were all more than ready. The date was set and I had arranged to get in the night before the induction. At her appointment the week before, they checked her and said she was 4 cm and probably wouldn't even make it through the weekend. She called to tell me this and I begged her to stay in bed till I got there. I could not miss this birth. I was able to leave early and when I got there she was still pregnant. I took the biggest deep breath and thanked God I made it. Well, I made it alright..... Membranes stripped (twice), walking and still no labor. Time came for me to leave and I pulled strings to stay one more day. I just knew that was the day, but still no baby. I had to leave (in full blown tears) and drive home knowing I missed on the most special births I could have attended. We are both so thrilled that her daughter is here safe and sound and labor and delivery went well, but there will probably always be a tinge of saddness that I missed that special day. The birth of any baby is special, but there sure is something about experiencing birth with someone you love so dear. We talk about how cool it would be to have pictures of me at her birth and be able to use them on my new site, but I can put her on the site as the only birth I have ever missed. I love you, ABO!

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